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The hygienist treatment organizes and re-establishes the daily diet, suppressing processed and refined foods, responsible for many diseases.
By Catherine Ariana

When the body is not fed stimulants, it is able to heal without obstacles and increase the connection between body and mind, providing resources to develop self-knowledge.

The method consists of creating a biorhythm adapted to the patient’s physical activity, occupation, personality, his own history of symptomatology and his family’s, among other factors.

A trained guide gives counselling during all steps of the therapy, assesses the physical aspect of the patient’s progress as well as his mind, but in the end, it is the patient who does the treatment himself at home, following a prescribed diet.

The treatment makes the patient look at his interior, thus getting to know the reality of his body and his mind and making him the owner of his life. In summary, he understands himself better so he is able to heal himself.

Hygienism is efficient in treating many different conditions:

  • Acidity, irritable colon syndrome (IBS), reflux, ulcer

  • Respiratory insufficiency, asthma, bronchitis

  • Water retention (hydrops)

  • Cardiac disorders, high blood pressure

  • Acne, psoriasis, rosacea, loss of hair and breakable nails

  • Osteoporosis, arthrosis, rheumatoid disease

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, loss of libido, some cases of infertility

  • Insomnia, lack of concentration, neuralgia, hormonal disorder (hypo- and hyperthyroidism), hypercholesterolemia

  • Allergy, anemia

  • Obesity, anxiety, anorexia

  • Cancer


  1. Detoxification, regeneration and maintenance of bodily tissues

  2. Weight regulation

  3. Vitality and dynamism

  4. Restoration of the system and the endocrine functions

  5. Preparation of the body for potential reproduction; pregnancy and breastfeeding

  6. Understanding illness and its connection to body language

  7. Fortitude of character and will

  8. Anti-cancer treatment

Hygienism promotes a simple life style, in tune with nature. The majority of hygienist waste is organic; it can return to earth as a fertilizer, that is why hygienism is an ecological way of living.



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