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How to

begin a hygienist diet?

Hygienism is a diet especially riched in raw food, mainly fruit, vegetables and some compatible accompaniments.

Por Catherine Ariana

This diet is abundant in raw food, which helps to re-establish and maintain bodily functions, the mind and spiritual balance. Everything starts with what we eat.

Hygienism is a discipline based on cleansing the organism. It works from inside out through a diet predominant in varied seasonal fruit and others imported from the tropical area. Those fruit carry all the benefits from the optimal place for human life: warmth and nutrients that contain a high energy value especially for those lacking good air, sun and a warm climate.

The diet includes large quantities of raw salad that serve as an introduction to every cooked dish such as: starches (potatoes, sweet potatoes), whole cereals (rice, corn, quinoa, wheat) and others.

Cooked food always makes up a minor percentage of every meal.

Dried fruit, oleaginous seeds (notice the difference between a raisin rich in sugar and a walnut rich in protein and fat, which is why they should not be mixed in a meal) and also legumes are part of a hygienist diet for children, athletes and people of too low weight. Those foods are used with special criteria. Due to their richness and powerful nutrients they may be difficult to digest.

Appetite is the best seasoning for hygienists; in addition, one may include olive oil, fresh vegetable juice, olives and avocados.

Benefits of Hygienism:
  • Raw and living foods preserve a level of alkalinity and are rich in enzymes required to produce a healthy digestion.

  • It is a cleansing and nutritive diet that respects the natural biorhythms.

  • It regulates the systems, especially the expulsion of toxins which are the main reason for many illnesses as well as making nutrient assimilation inefficient.

  • A prescribed diet based on a bio-diagnosis considers aspects such as: age, place of residence and climate, social environment and history of symptomatology, as well as other data that complements the information to provide a personalized treatment.

  • Hygienism is a bio-therapy, a living therapy, that adapts to the current context, fluctuating resources and reactions from the Planet and, of course, each patient’s healing process.

  • This line of hygienism is not completely raw or fruitarian. It considers the fact that humans live within walls and society. It does recognize fruitarianism as the legitimate way of living where conditions such as a warm and calm ambiance are present.

  • It respects the internal (body) and external environment (Planet).

  • 98% percent of waste is organic.

The dificulties:
  • It requires courage, coherence and self-respect because it eliminates the illusions of the conventional system and your own creations that were useful as an excuse for consuming toxic substances.

  • It requires fresh fruit and vegetables in quantities.

  • There aren’t enough days to enjoy the pleasures that nature provides!

How to begin?

STEP 1: Our body is one indivisible structure, so every symptomatology will be an expression of an error committed inside or outside of it, you will need to observe it. The main way to observe our body carefully is to eat consciously. This implies re-educating yourself through the teachings of your own body and its own language: health, energy and vitality or sickness, exhaustion and pain.

Hygienism thinks of an illness as the body’s way of expressing itself and not as a sign of vulnerability. This signal should be heeded and not ignored because it is the body asking for a change in our habits (physical and mental) and we need to develop a certain “feeling” to know what is happening inside, whether we need movement or resting, more or less food in order to heal the root of the signal. Usually, pills simply make the signal disappear for a while and then return even worse.

To heal, sickness requires a lot of peace and serenity of us.

STEP 2: Have time and space to heal yourself.

We spend more time thinking of “what we should be doing to improve” and not “what we should stop doing to improve”.

Our body possesses intrinsic wisdom that is linked to the law of nature and it knows what to do. Our mind and toxic habits are the obstacles to overcome. If we change the idea of toxic food and we see them as substances that are not part of human nutrition we can suppress them from the diet easily.

We are what we eat.

Knowingly feeding our body harmful substances does double the harm to us.


Begin suppressing from your diet the following list of industrial foods:

Industrial sugar

White rice

White flour


Tea, coffee, herbs

Any kind of candy

Industrial meat and sausages

Margarine and modified fats

Soy and its derivatives

Canned food

Carbonated beverages and alcohol

Chocolates and cakes


These products are garbage in your house!

They will get you sick.

Change the idea you have of them.

They are not suitable for consumption!

It is likely that you take them out of inertia. Not because you want them or like them but because there is an emotional dependence on them.



Your house and your interior will look better with the colors of life!

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