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dieta higienista, desintoxicación
Internal cleansing, from the inside out
What is detoxification?

Detoxification consists of changing eating habits profoundly through the inclusion of lighter meals for the body such as fruit and vegetables, essentially fresh and raw.

These foods conserve their bio-energy and enzymes needed to stimulate the process of cleansing, and afterwards, nourishment.

Why does detoxification create health?

The organism is usually bombarded with a large variety of substances alien to its nature. They debilitate the immune system and create a weak environment, producing digestive discomfort and a lack of a good assimilation as well as wasting energy. Apart from that, it generates mucus that obstructs the intestine and its cells.

Detoxification triggers a cleansing of each system, especially the digestive system. Once the mucus has been removed from the intestinal membrane, cells can do their activity without interference, being able to focus on constructing health and vitality, the natural expressions of every living being.

What are edibles and why avoid them?

Edibles are foods such as white flour and rice, sugar, among others, that are chemically modified by the refining industry. These substances are toxic because powerful acids are used during refinement in order to take out the more nutritious part of the food that was usually eaten by insects. This way, they manage to keep away insect (and human) nutrition. The refining process eliminates important nutrients for the human body such as: iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids such as thiamine which is usually chemically re-added after refining. The deficiency of these nutrients is related to: anemia, osteoporosis, nervous disorder and depression among others.

How to take care of oneself?

Include in your diet a variety of fresh fruit, preferably without mixing them and eating only one type of fruit per meal.

Replace refined grains for whole ones, skip the sugar completely. Thus, one approaches progressively a diet rich in fruit and vegetables that provides water and enzymes that help achieve a lighter digestion and healthy tissue.

Respect the principles of compatibility and simplicity during eating.

Prepare your process of detoxification including fruit for lunch as a mono-diet (one type of fruit per meal) and raw salads for dinner. It is recommended to eliminate the edibles on the list found in the article “How to begin.”

Risks of following general detoxification programmes

Detoxification is a personal and therapeutic process. It is not recommended to fast without knowing the requirements of one’s body. Each organism has its way to respond when stimulated. What may be efficient for one person might end in a body imbalance for another. Before making any radical change in your diet, study professional sources seriously or get a good consultant.

People are unique, as is their treatment.

Did you know…?

A human body may take between seven months to seven years in cleansing. Every seven years our body renews the structural cells, better known as the bones.

Nevertheless, a personal detoxifying treatment can take three, six or twelve months, depending on the patient’s state of health. A person who had a healthy diet or doesn’t suffer from serious diseases has a short treatment.

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